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The Blueprint Brand Strategies Approach
At Blueprint Brand Strategies, led by Stephanie Jackman, brand building begins with the development of a strategic plan - a Brand Blueprint. The Brand Blueprint is designed through three progressive steps and will provide your organization with strategic context for the business decisions in years to come.

Step 1: Brand Vision
Facilitated discussions help your team to crystallize the vision for your brand and define, in measurable terms, what success looks like in the next 12 months and the next five years.

Step 2: Brand Survey
Customer research helps to clarify opportunities for your brand. Individual interviews identify and examine factors that will affect your success, including customer perceptions, industry trends and the competition. It also confirms your company has set realistic objectives for its brand. Blueprint Brand Strategies includes full research results and implications with every Brand Blueprint.

Step 3: Brand Architecture
When the vision for the brand and its current reality are understood, a brand strategy is developed to close the gap. This strategy will guide your decision-making and ensure that you develop a consistent and unique brand relationship. It includes:
  • Brand positioning map – where your brand sits relative to the competition from the customer’s perspective
  • Brand promise and support points – what your brand offers that is both unique and meaningful, and how it will deliver on that promise
  • Brand map – how your promise permeates the different areas of your business
  • Brand personality and value system – what your organization stands for and how it speaks to reflect that
  • Communications audit – a review of your existing materials to identify ways to align the messages, visuals and personality and/or rationalize expenditures
  • Marketing or brand communications plan – a 12-month calendar of communications, and the associated budget, to promote your brand to your stakeholders

Benefits of Blueprint's Approach
  • Reduce obstacles. Our collaborative brand building process builds buy-in so that employees’ reluctance to change does not impede implementation.

  • Get results faster. Communications alone take time to build a brand and it is difficult to tell if perceptions are changing. The Brand Blueprint shows you how to align all of your business activities so that every resource is focused on your customer – helping you speak and act consistently. This builds your brand faster.

  • Save money. Stop wasting resources on things that don’t work or aren’t relevant. The Brand Blueprint provides a basis for decision-making and a measurement framework, so you can achieve a greater return on your investment.