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Blueprint Brand Strategies of Calgary, Alberta offers marketing consulting services to not-for-profit and corporate clients to help them build their brands.

Principal consultant Stephanie Jackman, the founder of Blueprint Brand Strategies, uses a unique three-step Brand Process to help organizations identify market opportunities through customer research and then develop action plans to achieve their business objectives. Understanding the customer’s perspective ensures that your programs are meaningful and get results.

Branding started as a way of claiming ownership. Whether it was an animal or a box of soap, a brand provided a means for owners to identify theirs as different. Today branding is focused on the customer – using his needs to define products and services, identify appropriate distribution channels and ways to promote them. Effective branding is no longer about the product. It is about building a strong relationship between your company and your customer.

Blueprint Brand Strategies has developed an animated Brand Map, which illustrates this unique philosophy. For examples of organizations that are seeing the results of this approach, we invite you to view our case studies.